The Nature and Origin of the New Testament

R. E. Brown. Introduction to New Testament: Nature and Origin of the New Testament.
Bangalore: Theological Publishers, 2004. (pg. 1-21)
The Nature and Origin of the New Testament
Before the term Testament was applied to a set of writings, it referred to God‟s special dealing with mankind. This is covenant which God made with his people and fulfilled in the Jesus Christ. Jeremiah very clearly talks about the “New covenant”. And it was said before the 600years before Jesus‟s birth. The theology of the Christian and Jews who did not accept Jesus led to the thesis that the new testament had taken the place of the Old, mosaic covenant which had become “obsolete”(heb8:6;9:15;12:24) even than the scripture if Israel remained the scripture for Christian. So in the 2nd century Christian used the term New Testament for their writings.
Therefore many people think that Christian has bible today as it was in the beginning, rather books were composed by follower of Jesus Christ. Jes…

Stott, John R.W. “The Living God is a Missionary God”

Stott, John R.W. “The Living God is a Missionary God”
This article is written by John Stott, which talks that mission concept comes not by human’s ideas but it is concept of living God who is a missionary God. In this article, the author potryes God’s mission with the call of Abraham, Promise of Abraham and fulfilment of Promise in his life. (Gen.12:1-4; 17:5) later on, New Testament writers understood the promised of Abraham and fulfilment was not only in the life of the nation of Israel but the  present is an intermediate or gospel fulfilment in Christ and His church. The future will be an ultimate or eschatological fulfilment in the new heaven and the new earth. He says that God is a God of History. In this historical process Jesus Christ, as the seed of Abraham is the key figure and through whom history created (book of genealogy of Jesus Christ where word Abraham was the first). Not only has this he further said that God is the God of Covenant and blessings in order to establish…

A Study on the pre-existence of Jesus Christ .is Jesus God or created by God

A Study on the pre-existence of Jesus Christ .is Jesus God or created by God
The meaning of the pre-existence
Is Jesus Really God
Testing the claim the God became man
      3. Identifying the logical options
      4. The critical evidence about Jesus’ Resurrection
          4.1 Empty tomb
      5. The pre-existence of Jesus as God
          5:1 a thought by john the Baptist
          5.2   A thought by the apostle john
          5.3 A thought by Jesus himself
       6. He was controlling the created universe 
       7. The objections of the Jehovah whiteness and Arianism
           7.1 Jehovah’s witnesses
           7:1.2 Christ is God for biblical proofs 
          7.2 Arianism      
        8. The meaning begotten son
         9. The meaning of only begotten son

        In this paper deal with all about the divinity of Jesus. Is Jesus God are create but God. We can see various back Ground and different arguments in this paper.…

“The study on teachings of Apollinarianism on Humanity of Christ and Theological

Topic: The study on teachings of Apollinarianism on Humanity of Christ and Theological evaluation.
 1.1 Teachings of Apollinarianism
 1.2 Reason for this teachings
 1.3 Problems in his teachings
 3.1 Virgin Birth
 3.2 Essential Nature of Humanity of Christ
 3.3 Scriptural proofs for the Real humanity of Christ

In this research I am going to deal with the topic “The study on teachings of Apollinarianism on Humanity of Christ and Theological evaluation” which deals with the teachings of Apollinarianism against Humanity of Christ, which also contradict to Bible and to whole doctrine of Christology. In this paper I also show the reasons for this teachings and problems with these teachings. And I also prove that Jesus had true complete human nature and divine nature in one person on the basis of Biblical proofs.
1. Apollinarianism
Early in …

Personhood of the Holy Spirit

Outline Topic: Personhood of the Holy Spirit
1. Importance of the Doctrine of Holy Spirit
2. Difficulties in understanding the Holy Spirit
3. Nature of the Holy Spirit
3.1 The deity of the Holy Spirit
3.2 The personality of Holy Spirit
4. Implications of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

In this Research Paper I have made an attempt to emphasize on the Personhood of the Holy Spirit and I am going to talk about the person of the Holy Spirit i.e. Holy Spirit is a person. He is a Spirit as well as a person.
1. Importance of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit
There are several reasons why the study of the Holy Spirit is of special significance for us. Holy Spirit is the point at which the Trinity becomes personal to the believer. Holy Spirit is active within the lives of believers; he is resident within us. He is the particular person of the trinity through whom the entire Triune Godhead currently works in us.
Second reason why the study of t…

Importance of humanity of Jesus Christ

TOPIC: The importance of humanity of Jesus Christ and evaluating the biblical counterfeit against the heresies of Jesus humanity. OUTLINE:
1. Introduction
2. Early heresies regarding humanity of Jesus
    2.1. Doceitism
    2.2. Appolianarism
3. Biblical evidences of Jesus humanity
    3.1. Virgin birth
    3.2. Human weakness and limitations
         a. Jesus had a human body
         b. Jesus had a human soul and emotions
4. The importance of the humanity of Christ
5. The necessity of Jesus manhood
6. Evaluation
1. Introduction
The Humanity of Jesus an issue that started from the beginning of the Christian Church and it even continues today. So discussion in the humanity of Jesus is ever important.
Christ’s incarnation as human was not avoidable as far as the atonement is concerned. To reconcile fallen humanity with God an incarnation who was a perfect human was needed. Thus Jesus came to the world as word manifested as flesh. The Apostle assigns as the reason why Chr…

Important of Jesus Death and Misinterpretation

Important of Jesus Death and Misinterpretation     

Importance of the Death of Christ
Foretold in the Old Testament
Prominent in the New Testament
Prophetic Witness
Messianic Witness
Historical Witness Fulfillment of the Divine Plan Misinterpretation of Christ Death
The Martyr theory
The Accident theory
The Government theory Evaluation
In this paper, I am going to deal with important Jesus death and misinterpretation. Moreover, this topic it talk about the important of Jesus death, and how the Old Testament prophesized about the death of Christ. How the death of Christ is prominent in New Testament and how he fulfill the promise prophecy of Old Testament in the New Testament. Lastly, it talks about how the people misinterpreted the death of Jesus Christ.
Importance of the Death of Christ:
           The importance of Christ's was to Secure forgiveness for other is is taught in directly in the scripture "This is my blood of …