A Study on the pre-existence of Jesus Christ .is Jesus God or created by God

A Study on the pre-existence of Jesus Christ .is Jesus God or created by God
The meaning of the pre-existence
Is Jesus Really God
Testing the claim the God became man
      3. Identifying the logical options
      4. The critical evidence about Jesus’ Resurrection
          4.1 Empty tomb
      5. The pre-existence of Jesus as God
          5:1 a thought by john the Baptist
          5.2   A thought by the apostle john
          5.3 A thought by Jesus himself
       6. He was controlling the created universe 
       7. The objections of the Jehovah whiteness and Arianism
           7.1 Jehovah’s witnesses
           7:1.2 Christ is God for biblical proofs 
          7.2 Arianism      
        8. The meaning begotten son
         9. The meaning of only begotten son
        In this paper deal with all about the divinity of Jesus. Is Jesus God are create but God. We can see various back Ground and different arguments in this paper.  We can see teaching of the Jehovah witness their argument is Jesus is Not God but created by God but bible says he his God but this paper is going to deal all this problems and tell us Jesus is not creature but he is the creator  
 1. The meaning of the pre-existence
The meaning of the preexistence is previous existence or the Soul before it is union with body.   Jesus Christ existed before he became flesh which means Christ was there before the formation of the world as john 1:1 says in the begging it means. Not the begging of the Jesus it is begging for begging
 2. Is Jesus Really God
         2.1 Testing the claim the God became man
  Evidence of Jesus’ claims
          The term going back to messiah, a Greek form John 1:14;4:25 of the heb messiah, to be sign an anointed person, Hebrew hammasiah the messiah is usually translated in Greek ho Christos  that means the Christ real tenet because the central tenet of Christianity has always been  the convention, that Jesus was  the Christ as I mentioned above for the reason that Jesus’ announced in home town not a quote from the New Testament, he could be argued that on the occasion and even luke also recorded in the luck Gospel,  that Jesus read from the old testament book of the prophet Isaiah . This was very familiar prophecy that the Jews maintained wood be fulfill by the messiah, or Christ, when he came Jesus concluded his reading his word’s, Jesus said other words  hear I am ready or not Jesus claiming to be the prophesied messiah ,Jesus claim to be messiah
       2.2 Identifying the logical options
       It is unchanging that any one aware with historical data about Jesus have to face up to a decision concerning Him.jesus himself raised the critical questions to those who had witness the evidence   there were many pleases Jesus asked his disciple, who do you say I am though removed the question extremely relevant ,what would you say or what options do you have
3. The critical evidence Jesus’ Resurrection
          The resurrection determines the validity of the the validity of the christen faith. Paul exclaimed if Christ has not been raised, you are faith is worthless 1cor.15:17 and it was the guarantee of the father’s acceptance of the son’s work .the resurrection signifies that the work of the cross was completed and Jesus promised several times during his three and one half year minister that he would rise from the dead. in reality when asked by the Jews  what evidence he would give to confirm himself ,destroy this temple and three days I will raise it up he was, in fact speaking of his own body his own physical resurrection  this would be the central test to determine whether he was genuine. it should be  noted  that all other  founders of the world religions Buddha and Muhammad ,died  people go to their grave sites to pay their respects. Christens   don’t do that however because Jesus is not in the grave he’s alive
    3.1The empty tomb
                  The empty tomb. Moreover Christ was resurrected or someone stole the body. If adversary took the body why did they not simply produce it afterward? The disciple could not have stolen the body because there were sixteen member   roman soldiers and a one-and-half ton stone with a Roman seal covered the entrance to the tomb, the empty to was an obvious proof of the resurrection  
4. The pre-existence of Jesus as God
A thought by john the Baptist
John the Baptist bare the whiteness about the Jesus and cried saying, this was he of whom  I speak .he comes after me is preferred before me for he was before me john 1:15 john 1:27-30 according Luke 1:36john’s birth occurred six month prior to Christ’s  birth, but   john declares that he was before me  a reference to Jesus’ preexistence    
A thought by the apostle john
John also mentioned in his gospel in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God (jn.1:1) for the life was manifested and we have seen it, and bear witness and show unto you that eternal life which was with the father, and was manifested unto us 1john 1:2 hear the apostle john connects Jesus preexistence to his deity   
Thought by Jesus himself
Jesus himself said “for  I came down from heaven, not to do mine own own will, but the will him that sent me john 6:38,jesus said unto them verily, verily I say unto you before Abraham was, I am john 8:58,And know ,o father ,glorify thou me with thin own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was john 17:15, I am the living bread which came down from the heaven ,if any man eat this bread, he shall live forever and that I will give is my flesh which I will give for the life of the world  john 6:51,61,  all this references tells us about the preexistence of Christ     
     5. The activity of the Divine pre-existence Christ
         5.1He was created the universe  
John 1:3 says all thing were made by him and without him was not any things made that was made john1:3 and Colossians 1:16 also says for by him all things created  are in heavens and that are in earth visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions or the principalities or powers, all things were created by him and for him and Hebrews 1:2,10 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his son, whom he appointed heir of things by whom also made the world and thou the lord in the beginning hast laid the heavens are the works of thin hands    
    5.2 He was controlling the created universe      
Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins sat down on the right hand of the majesty on high Hebrews 1:3  And he is before all things, and by all things consist Heb 1:3 our lord Jesus Christ  not only put all things together, but he continues  to keep all things together
5. The objections of the Jehovah whiteness and Arianism
 5.1 Jehovah’s witnesses
Charles taze Russell. The founder of this movement. Was born on February on 16.1852. At an early age he rejected the doctrine of the eternal torment and at the age of 18 Russell organized a bible class in Pittsburg   and in 1876 they elected him pastor of the group. In 1879 Russell founded Zion’s watch tower which is Known today  the watchtower Announcing  Jehovah’s Kingdom  today’s as the watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s kingdom  they teach  Christ  was created by God  .they base their statement on a misinterpretation  of  col 1:15 And  Rev 3:14 says the Loges was first and only direct creation of Jehovah  He is fully human and inferior to Jehovah   John 14:28the father, son, Holy sprite  Jehovah whiteness never believe in the trinity Jehovah whiteness are  believing  Jesus is not a God but created by God and they  believe his  archangel  but bible says he was not created: he created of all things  Christ cannot be a creature and at the same time the creator
 of all things including angles, when John speaks of Christ in Revelation 3:14 as the beginning of the creation of The God he is saying something which is full agreement with what he has said in the Gospel of john 1:1-3 where he aware Christ was with God in the begging and that he, the loges was God, in the beginning God created heaven and earth.
Christ is God for biblical proofs
He has divine Names isa 9:6, matt 1:23, john 1:1
He did works which only God can perform he forgave sins (mark 2:5-7).
 He raised the dead john 11:43 he create the world col 1:16
 He sustain the world col 1:17 heb 1:2-3 
His miracles attest his glory and his deity john 2:11
 He his worshipped matt 2:11 14:33 28:9 Luke 24:52 heb 1:6 .Phil 2:10-11 Rev 5:8
Devine attributes prove that Jesus Christ  is God .he is omnipotent Matt.28:18 omnipresent Matt 28:20 omniscient  john 21:17 2:25 16:30 acts 1:24
Christ was never Michael the archangel. Christ is so much better then angles. Angle worship Christ the first chapter Hebrews shows Cleary Christ is better than inasmuch as the relationship a son excels a servant in dignity Even The group Arianism is also belive that christ was a creature being col 1:15 they say there was time when christ was not there and they influenced by jehovah witenesss   Even they this group Arianism also believes that Christ was a creator. Being he is the first and highest creating being col 1:15 they say there was time when Christ was not there and they influenced Jehovah witeness    
 6. Jesus Christ is God
           1. Christ is Son of God
Christ is son of God, the key passage on the subject on this subject to be john 5:18 on this explanation the Judeans sought to kill him because he called God his own father making himself equal to God  The statement meaning my father has been working until Know  
 2. Proclamation form heaven  
The instance on which Christ’s divine son ship was proclaimed from heaven  during Jesus baptism time, when Jesus took baptism and immediately coming upcoming up from water he saw the heavens open and the sprite as a dove coming down to him, then a voice came from heaven this is my son ,whom I love with him I am well pleased Mathew 3:17,mark 1:10 Luke 3:21,22  john 1:32-34 2nd instance of his transfiguration  a voice came from the could saying this is my son whom I loved with him I am well pleased listen to him Mathew 17:15,luke 9:35 and again on another occasion of his  public teaching shortly before his  crucifixion Jesus said Now is my soul troubled and what am I saying father save me form this hour but this purpose I have come unto this hour, father glorified they name then there came a voice from heaven  I have glorified it again in I will glorified it John 12:27-39 in this instance the word son is not used but the filial relations hip is clearly  implied in the words of the Jesus addressed to the father
7. The meaning of the begotten son   
 The meaning of the begotten son is the first born or the first begotten son the word firstborn prototakos applied to Christ several times we can see in the bible Colossians 1:18 and Revelation 1:5 this      symbol means that Christ is first one to rise from the dead in immortal form other person raised form dead like Lazarus  were resuscitated to normal were save  a  normal physical life. Christ is the first one to rise on the other side of death, to die no moreanother instance in which this same meaning thought probably in usages in Colossians 1:15 were Christ is said prototokas  of every creature most  the words in Colossians 1:15 are  followed the explanatory  passage because by him everything was created ,things in heavens things upon  earth, visible thing invisible things, thrones, lordships, source of authority ,exercise  of authority, everything created through him for him
8. The meaning of only begotten son
     This designation John1:14-18,3:16-18  1john 4:9 Emphasizes the uniqueness of the God the son in his Divine relation To the God the father, as the father only son, the second of the divine trinity is the only Begotten one a sense That no one else is, not like creaturely son of God, The son’s divine nature is being eternally generated by the father and by this his he eternally possesses the divine nature in common with the father 
      After I research on the particular topic pre-existence of Jesus Christ. I understand Jesus is the God he is created universe he is not created by God. Not only that  many group raise up argued that he is not God but in the bible we can see about his divinity and bible tell us Jesus is The God   

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